The Path To Purchase

Enhanced Brand Value And Trust In Consumer's Mind

The Advent Of Railway Audio out- Of- Home (RAOOH) Creates More Opportunities For Advertise To Have Emotional Connect With Audience

Audio Ads creates high brand awareness

Audio Ads enhanced brand value and trust

Jingles Ads Provide Effective and specific messages


Nuture Valuable Relationships

Explore How Ninja’s Stable Of Jingle Ads / Interior & Exterior train Wrapping Solutions can Be Part Of Your Marketing Campaigns. Staying Updated On Our Latest News, As well As Recent Innovative And Creative Campaigns.

Audio Jingle

Our offering is fully integrated with Public Address System at Railway Station; currently in 8 States and 100 Stations.

Interior Train branding

We connect with Chennai MEMU Train with major stations covered. Inside train branding 8 coaches per train.

Exterior Train Wrapping

Must see full train wrapping across major stations in Tamil Nadu. Major 8 districts covered with full train wrapping.

High Recall Value

High Recall Value due to captive context and message repetition.

Subconscious registering of brand:

Since the platform delivers high frequency of ads, the brand will get registered in the subconscious mind which will influence the audience in their buying decisions

Regional coverage

Clients who need focused and widespread coverage can choose mix of stations accordingly


Special Benefit for Brand Communication

We are the pioneers in the country to identify this opportunity and have successfully implemented effective delivery of ad jingles

Our impressive array of services includes audio advertising by playing of jingle ads at railway stations through public addressing system, Full train Exterior Branding, static advertising space in railway stations and interior train branding.


Digital Advertising Services we provide

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Paid Search

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Social Media Advertising

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Display Ads

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