Shaping India's
RA-OOH Landscape

Ninja Is Committed To Bring Excellence To Railway Audio Out Of Home Advertising

About Ninja Media

Emotional connection that grow brands & empower business.

We are Railway Audio Out of Home Advertising (RA-OOH)Services

We are the pioneer of RA- OOH Media , enabling the brand to connect with the commuter’s via PA system.We are the fastest growing Railways Audio OOH Advertising in Transit points in India.

Our Reach

Everyday 9 million traveller in our network

We Reach All Categories Of Consumer And Traveller Using Mix Of Audio Jingle, Exterior Full Train Wrapping And Interior Train Branding.

8 States

We provide solution at town and key cities right across the states include TN/ Telagana / AP/ Kerala/ Karnataka/ Maharastra/ MP & CG

100+ Railway Stations

Ninja Media provides access to india's upmarket, affluent rail audience across our 100 + railway stations.

3000+ Speakers

The rail enviroment provides long dwell times- plenty of time for people digest and act upon advertising messages

9M Listeners Per Day

We combine must see advertising in full train wrapping and interior advertising with must hear - audio media

Why Choose Us

Ninja builds in strategic partnership with Indian railways

We combine must see advertising in full train wrapping and interior advertising with must hear – Audio Media, strategically places audio jingle on Public Announcement system to connect brand with the consumer at the lowest cost per thousand.

Railway Partnership

Ninja builds in strategic partnership with Indian railways, in developing and deploying, high-end audio provisions in the country’s most busiest railway stations.

Software and R&D Center

State of an art-In House developed customized software for jingle ads integrated with the digital Railway Public Address System, with research and development center in Hyderabad, India.

Things We Are Good Enough


We Work Hard To Bring Forward The Future Of Railway – Out – Of – Home Communication For brand Using

Audio Jingles
Train Wrapping
Interior Branding

Reach The Travelers In A Cost Effective Way

Key Differentiators

Value for Money

Greater impact and greater value for money in comparison to other outdoor media.

High Brand Recall

Exclusive. high-frequency communication through out the day, resulting in high level of brand recall.

Targeted Reach

Assured reach of 100% of target audience.

Connecting Major 8 districts in
Tamil Nadu

Reaching Consumer while they are traveling can be done through full train wrapping.  Full Train wrapping allow you to customize your campaign

Our Initative

We Are Devoted to repay The Society

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